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2022 Academic Annual Report

Our mission

The mission of University of Phoenix is to provide access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities.

Our vision

The vision of University of Phoenix is to be recognized as the most trusted provider of career-relevant higher education for working adults. The University will earn that trust through our:

Deep understanding of students’ needs

Deep understanding of employers’ needs

World-class assessment, analytics and innovation

Operational excellence

Our guiding principles

We believe that our students: 

  • Deserve quality academic programs that are career-relevant and are offered by an accredited institution. 
  • Should be supported by qualified staff and faculty, as well as by University efforts to help aid them on the path to graduation.
  • Should be the singular reason we continue to advance the quality, career-relevance and convenience of our academic programs.
  • Are entitled to transparency so they can make informed choices about their educational and financial future.
  • Should have the freedom and ability to choose the educational institution that best meets their needs. 

We believe that as an institution, we should: 

  • Ensure we are valuing students’ time and money.
  • Market responsibly and demonstrate integrity in all of our materials, exposures and engagements. 
  • Collaborate with employers, public or government officials and regulators, researchers and peer institutions to enhance the experiences and outcomes for our students.
  • Be accountable to our students, our regulators and the general public for delivering skills, knowledge and opportunities through our educational programs.
  • Maintain financial stability as a measure of accountability to students, a means to provide for the long-term viability of our programs, and an indicator of our ability to invest in the student experience.

Message from UOPX Provost & Chief Academic Officer John Woods for 2022 Academic Annual Report

00:00:00:00 - 00:00:06:13 Welcome to the digital version of our fiscal year 2022 Academic Annual report. 00:00:06:13 - 00:00:15:06 Each year, our academic report helps us tell the story of how we support our students with a flexible, valuable and career focused education. 00:00:15:06 - 00:00:25:04 Being an accredited institution is a critical foundation for how University of Phoenix provides robust, career relevant learning programs for our students. 00:00:25:14 - 00:00:38:02 I'm proud to share our institutional accreditation was reaffirmed by the Higher Learning Commission for another ten years in 2023 - building upon 45 years of continuous HLC accreditation. 00:00:38:02 - 00:00:54:14 This decision was based on a comprehensive on-site review by the HLC of our mission Academic programs, governance, integrity and student experience and outcomes. The next reaffirmation is scheduled for 2032-2033. 00:00:54:14 - 00:01:02:15 In this year's academic report, we'll introduce you to students and alumni who have persevered through obstacles to achieve their dreams. 00:01:02:17 - 00:01:13:03 Our students are career focused adults who are parents first generation college students, military servicemen and servicewomen, as well as veterans and their family members. 00:01:13:03 - 00:01:20:16 They come from all walks of life and demonstrate resiliency in pursuing their goals and improving their circumstances. 00:01:20:22 - 00:01:33:17 You'll discover how we contribute to knowledge and initiatives about addressing barriers to career and workforce well-being through our Career Optimism Index Study, our annual study of workplace sentiment. 00:01:33:17 - 00:01:41:07 In our second year of conducting the study, we've expanded it to include perspectives from 500 US employers. 00:01:41:07 - 00:01:48:15 This allowed us to identify comparison insights between workforce members and those who hire, train and retain them. 00:01:48:17 - 00:01:51:23 I encourage you to read more in the full PDF of the report. 00:01:51:23 - 00:02:00:06 In a new era of growing emphasis on skills and employer hiring practices, you'll also learn how we're supporting students success. 00:02:00:06 - 00:02:09:16 Our skills aligned associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees empower learners and job seekers to develop skills employers want. 00:02:09:16 - 00:02:12:08 And we're helping students demonstrate what they're learning. 00:02:12:08 - 00:02:16:04 By embedding evaluation into our skills mapping process, 00:02:16:06 - 00:02:20:15 students can quickly identify skills they're building throughout their coursework. 00:02:20:22 - 00:02:30:03 They can also earn digital badges, which allows students to share skills they've gained on the resumes, job boards and other digital platforms. 00:02:30:03 - 00:02:36:11 In addition to building upon career focused education, we've also worked hard to offer an affordable education. 00:02:36:11 - 00:02:47:17 In 2020 to our students saved a total of $56 million in tuition and fees by working with us to evaluate and identify transfer credits, 00:02:47:19 - 00:02:51:19 eligible alternative credits and credits for prior learning. 00:02:51:19 - 00:03:02:12 And we've helped our students and the community at large reimagine how diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging can be integral in their careers and workplaces. 00:03:02:12 - 00:03:08:08 Our inaugural Inclusive Leadership Summit drew more than 1400 attendees 00:03:08:08 - 00:03:09:23 from 22 countries. 00:03:10:06 - 00:03:21:06 University of Phoenix is always evolving and our students can have confidence in the commitment and dedication to their success demonstrated by every university employee and faculty member. 00:03:21:06 - 00:03:32:21 As we support our students moving into their chosen educational and career pathways, we celebrate their achievements and success, and we know that Together, We Rise!

Excellence for a new era

We’re connecting adult learners to what they need to pursue success. From our earliest beginnings as the University that changed higher education, University of Phoenix has embraced excellence and innovation. Academic year 2022 was no different.

Like our students, we’re always pressing, never resting. Read on to discover how this came to life in 2022.

Trailblazers and dream chasers

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is an immortal bird that rises to new life. Our students can relate. Many of our students went to the school of life before taking their first class.

Eight in 10 work, and most are raising kids. Six in 10 are the first in their family to pursue a college degree.

Somewhere in the statistics, our students can be found head down, grinding through deadlines and doubts — until, in true Phoenix form, they rise. 

Who they are

Phoenixes are as diverse as they are determined. Here’s who they are statistically.


Total Degreed Enrollment


of our students are women


is the average age of new students


report as ethnic minorities


are first-generation students


are employed while in school


have dependents

Our students exceed expectations

University Learning Goals (ULGs) are a set of five overarching competencies that employers identify as top soft skills and that University of Phoenix incorporates into its academic programs. Students met or exceeded expectations for each of the following ULGs.


Cultural competence and ethics


Critical thinking and problem-solving




Digital fluency



High student satisfaction

We value what our students say. One way we listen to them is through surveys.

Likely to recommend instructors to other students


8.8/10 students likely to recommend instructors to other students

Likely to recommend the University to colleague, friend or family


9.1/10 students likely to recommend the University to colleague, friend or family

See the full report for detailed survey results and methodology.

University of Phoenix founder Dr. John Sperling knew what it meant to beat the odds. He grew up poor, he battled a learning disability, and he worked his way through school to earn a PhD.

The challenges he faced inspired him to create a better path for students like him. He saw adult learners struggling with rigid class schedules, often taking six to 10 years to earn a degree. And it gave him a revolutionary idea: What if he created a university for working adults?

His experiment didn’t make earning a degree easier — only more practical, with schedules that made sense for working adults and coursework that translated immediately to the real world.

Diverse colleges


programs aligned with 300+ careers, 90% of which are in growing fields

Connecting curriculum to careers

In today’s competitive job market, skills can matter as much as a degree. Our career-focused education aligns degrees and select courses to skills important in today’s workplaces.

Gain skills

Our bachelor’s and master’s degree program courses include career-relevant skills that meet our long-standing academic standards.

Gain skills

Track progress

Students can track progress and display their University achievements on a personalized skills profile.

Track progress

Build resumé

Students can build their resumé one course at a time, showcasing digital badges as proof of learning.

Build resumé

Accreditation that matters